The Luxuries of a Private Jet Rental Are No Longer an Exclusive Experience

A private jet rental may sound like something that only wealthy corporations and powerful politicians have the option to indulge in, but you may be surprised at its affordability and convince as an alternative to commercial airlines. These are just a few benefits (of many):

Business Travel- Many businesses find that private jet rental is a better option than commercial airlines for flying executives or clients back and forth.

Corporate Events – Besides individual travel, some companies may want to send employees on retreats or special business meetings in other cities. With this option, they can travel together to better coordinate on-ground transportation and hotel stays.

Parties / Group Events – Even for individuals, a private jet rental may be something you consider for a special birthday party, or a graduation gift for that college senior.

Weddings – You may want to fly your entire wedding party to go to a destination for the big event, or maybe send a small group to a reception location after the wedding.

Vacations – Whether just for your family or with a large group of friends and family, chartering a plan can be a nice alternative to regular flights.

Private jet rental companies usually offer different options for travel. Some may have regular routes that they travel on a daily or weekly basis. Others have regular destinations, but only as those trips are reserved. Others may have some great last minute deals that may allow you to do that spur-of-the-moment beach trip for the weekend. Many businesses offer lease packages where you reserve specific time on a jet on a monthly basis.

For a business that has clients and executives in various locations, reserving time with a company that can also travel to those destinations on a regular basis is probably a good alternative to constantly scheduling commercial flights.

The rates vary greatly among the type of service and aircraft. Remember, however, that you are reserving an aircraft. If you have a lot of folks going that can contribute to the cost, it makes the individual expense that much less. Consider that a round trip ticket from your town to Las Vegas is on a private jet is $1200 for a six-seat plane. If you have five other friends going, the cost for each of you is only $200. That is most likely cheaper than a the price paid for a commercial flight, and you also won’t have the hassle of baggage check-in or waiting in line to get on and off the plane!

The next time you are thinking about air travel, especially for a large group, you might want to check into a private jet rental company in your area. You may be surprised at what they have to offer!

Public Vs Private Clouds

As an alternative to the three tiered classification of cloud based services – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) – cloud computing can also be classified based upon how the underlying networks are implemented and accessed by the client. The following article provides and overview of the two principle models Public and Private Clouds.

These models do not describe strict architectures and so a variety of configurations can be employed to achieve each model of cloud computing. Furthermore, each model can be used to offer each tier of cloud service as mentioned above.

Public Cloud

When most people think of cloud computing they think of a typical public cloud model where the services on offer are available to public customers through a public network, usually the internet. The accessibility of this model allows for cloud services to be supplied to a mass market and for the provider to centralise/pool (and share) the physical computing resource they require to offer the services; utilising virtualisation where they need to establish operating environments. As a result, consumers and providers of public cloud services can benefit from considerable economies of scale to reduce their costs as well as sheer scalability to respond to fluctuations in demand.

Public cloud services can often be free to the consumer, funded for example by advertising, however where a charge is applied they usually follow a pay as you go (PAYG) type model – that is the consumer is supplied with the computing resource they need as and when they need it and are only charged for what they use. Many of the cloud services that are most familiar to the general consumer, particularly Software as a Service (SaaS) applications such as Google Docs (cloud based ‘office’ applications), Gmail (web based email) or Dropbox (cloud storage), fall under the public cloud model.

For some consumers, the mechanisms of the public cloud which bring such cost savings and widespread availability can also bring undesired security vulnerabilities. Although the security of these services is always improving, the fact that data is transferred across public networks and stored on shared physical and/or virtual servers may provide obstacles to some clients using the public cloud for processing sensitive data. Instead they might look towards to private cloud services.

Private Cloud

Cloud clients who are handling, processing or storing sensitive data that they need ensure remains private and secure and who want to take advantage of some of the cost, availability and scalability benefits that cloud computing usually offers, can utilise private cloud services as an alternative to the public cloud.

The concept of a private cloud is harder to define than that of public cloud and no strict definition really exists. It is best to categorise private clouds by some of the features that they provide and the issues that they address in comparison to public services, such as data security and ownership control (of servers etc), rather than the mechanisms they use. They will of course also display the tell-tale features of cloud computing in general – virtualisation, instantaneous scalability, PAYG charging and automated allocation of resources on demand.

The entirety of a private cloud will only be accessible by a single organisation (in contrast to multiple clients using services within the public cloud) and some examples therefore also allow the end user organisation to have control over the management of the cloud network and its set-up so that they can tailor it to their own needs. The flip side of this control however is that some of the cost savings generated by the centralised management of public cloud services will be lost in private clouds. Instead the service becomes closer in structure to a traditional local network based service, but with the benefits of virtualisation mentioned above.

The network of servers itself can be hosted internally by the organisation (as required by some regulatory bodies for sensitive data) or externally by a cloud provider (e.g., a Virtual Data Centre, VDC ) but access will be restricted to connections made behind the organisation’s firewall. To provide the security and control private clouds can employ certain characteristics techniques including closed networks of servers (not shared between clients), hosting of servers on site and leased lines to access these networks where they are hosted off site.

Strategic Internet Marketing Services – 5 Criteria to Evaluate Service Providers

For most people, the dream of making an easy buck online has not turned out to be a reality. Back in the very early days of the Internet in the late 1990s, the idea of just setting up a website and letting the cash flow in was very much in fashion.

Unfortunately, as the dot com bubble burst and people started sobering up a bit from their web-world fantasies, all of the people who were unwilling to work at being successful online just left the scene and went somewhere else.

The ones who have stayed behind are those who have more realistic expectations of what an Internet business can be. Sure, there are still people making a mint online, but you can bet that they have not only worked very hard to achieve that goal – but they have also been very smart about the choices they have made. Sometimes, being smart means getting help from expert strategic consultants – or getting access to the right online tools.

Yes, as many have learned the hard way, when the going gets tough online, the tough seek out strategic Internet marketing service providers. If you are looking for strategic Internet marketing services, here are 5 criteria to evaluate potential service providers:

1. Length of experience:

How long has the person or company been working in this field? Ask for references and other evidence that they are not just someone who is new to the game after having read a few books and building their own website over a couple of long weekends. Experience definitely counts in this arena.

2. Amount of hands-on attention they will give you:

Figure out just how much personal, hands-on attention you will get from a senior level consultant. How can you do this? Before signing a contract or going forward with a project, call the office a few times and see how easy it is to actually talk to the head person in charge. Your experience here likely forebodes how the rest of the relationship will play out. Trust your first impressions.

3. Degree to which they know your particular industry:

The important of this one is debatable. Much of online know-how is agnostic to any particular industry. Still, if their company has experience with what you do, all the better.

4. Degree to which they outsource vs. use in-house talent:

Outsourcing certain online marketing tasks is no crime, and in many ways you may benefit from their doing this (such as in paying lower prices). However, make sure that all key strategic decisions on your behalf are being made in-house – and NOT by some outside person who really has little connection to you or your business goals.

5. Quality of tools they use:

All strategic Internet marketers have access to a host of interactive tools, such as website analysis, keyword analysis, and competitor analysis tools. Find out what they use and how well they use them.

An alternative to your hiring a strategic Internet marketing solutions provider is to gain access to professional grade online tools you can use yourself. After a bit of training, you may know 90% of what these consultants could tell you – for a lot less cash.

Pandemic Streaming Outbreak: How Is The Cloud Handling It?

The whole world is suffering from the corona outbreak, and so is the technological sector. Most of the employees are still working from home as the world is not ready for the normal lifestyle yet. As most of the people are sitting at their homes, so the number of people using the streaming services has risen a lot lately. 16 million new subscriptions have come up on Netflix, which is more than double the number the streaming company had forecasted.

One hundred thousand new warehouse workers were hired by Amazon for meeting with the growing demand. There was an explosion in the traffic of Facebook video calling and messaging, and also a 40% increase in the Microsoft software for online collaboration was seen within a week. The actual question here is whether the cloud would be able to handle the exponentially growing demand for bandwidth or not?

In a lot of places, the streaming quality of videos were reduced on Netflix and YouTube to ease the pressure on the internet network of that region.

The Streaming Outbreak

If this kind of pandemic would have happened a decade ago then it would not have been possible for the businesses to work from home, and difficult for the people to pass time without playing online games, and streaming movies. Some of the online services that are making things run all around the world are Netflix, Zoom, Slack, Dropbox, and more. People are finding the internet-powered alternative of the services much more useful and efficient.

It is because of technology, that we are being able to maintain social distance as it is keeping us connected to our loved ones as well as the working colleagues. We have to get what we need without going out, and that is really exploding the cloud servers with the traffic. The education of the kids, the work from home of the adults, all of it is going in a smooth manner because of the online services. Even the accountants who were working on the QuickBooks desktop version have switched to QuickBooks hosting during the outbreak, so that the work does not get hampered in any manner.

Cloud: Need of The Hour

While Netflix, Zoom, Whatsapp, and any of the social networking sites or applications are the forefront of the online revolution, the real thing behind all of these is the cloud. The services of Amazon, Microsoft, Google, all of these services are running on the cloud with a huge load during this period, and that shows how powerful and important the cloud technology is.

Cloud computing is one of the rare industries that is not affected by the economic collapse during the pandemic. The demand of the cloud service is not going to fall even after the covid as people have realized the potential of virtual classrooms, and remote work. The companies that had switched to the cloud before the outbreak have significantly upper hand here. Switching to the cloud saves a lot of your cost as you get rid of the in-house IT infrastructure and most of the maintenance is handled via the hosting provider. With the demand, the cloud can easily be scaled up and down as well with the advanced features remaining intact. This kind of flexibility is what is hiking the demand for clouds right now.


People are getting dependent on the cloud more than anything right now. Through the virtual sessions of activities, the world is being able to run with social distancing. The different companies are trying their best to handle the cloud explosion as that is a need right now for the world to run. The platforms are becoming much more efficient in managing the traffic, so that we do not miss out on virtual socializing, streaming and remote work.

Do You Even Need a Lawn? Exploring Lawn Alternatives

Have you ever wondered if there are viable alternatives to lawn grass? The fact is attractive landscaping greatly enhances the real estate value of your property. However, many lawns die every year because of low rainfall, leaving some to seek options offering low maintenance, namely, lawn alternatives. Homeowners are becoming tired of seeing their lawns go brown and wilt every summer, and tired of paying a gardener to try and prolong their lawn life. All this effort costs time, money and effort as does the need to continuously irrigate and aerate lawn grass.

Lawns can be beautiful, but the cost may be too high. Large lawns, and especially the many golf courses in our communities, require crazy amounts of herbicides and chemical fertilizers to keep their condition and pristine appearance. Fuel for power mowers, harmful emissions, potentially harmful fertilizers and pesticides, water consumption and your valuable time are all variables of the cost of lawn maintenance. Finding and hiring a lawn care service may save you some time and energy, but the environmental costs still remain. Consider reducing your lawn overall size. Doing so can benefit the environment while also saving you time, energy and expense. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to experiment with lawn alternatives or at the very least, try and cut down on the total lawn area of our yard.

There are many steps you can take to reduce lawn size and cut down on time and resources for its maintenance. For example, try converting part of your lawn to a display of ornamental grasses. If you have a small nuisance area on your property that you rather not have to mow lawn grass anymore, consider replacing it with a varied combination of ornamental grasses and mulch. Adding some raised beds to your yard will not only look good by highlighting your plantings, they will provide an edge barrier from the lawn, and deter ground pests. Plant your shrubs closely to minimize weeds, and wider beds allow you to reduce lawn size. Much maintenance can be reduced by placing your beds so that the lawn areas are in continuous, easy-to-mow swaths. A border such as flagstone or brick can be used to define the edge. If you set this border below the level of the lawn, mowing will be easy with no other trimming is required. Any trees in your lawn can be given a wide skirt surrounding the base, using a combination of mulch, some ground cover or native plants.

Contrary to the neighbors, you may not need a lawn at all. For instance, if you enjoy the open feel of a lawn but not the maintenance or water requirements. Also, areas where it is difficult to establish a traditional lawn can perform well with some alternatives. For instance, if your yard suffers due to too much shade, moss may offer a solution. Once they get over the label lawn weed many people find moss attractive. Shade gardens with moss are increasing in popularity as a lawn alternative.

Alternative Work for Any Profession

We all need to earn additional income. Who would not want additional cash on their wallet? In this day and age, people from all walks of life need additional income, even those who have acquired their degree. What are the possible ways to earn for any profession?

Freelance Article Writer

The internet’s full of it. Thank you for Google’s update, a website should always have fresh content to make it relevant. A person who practices their profession is an expert on their own. Who would better describe teaching methods than a teacher? Who can better explain illness and expected treatments than a nurse or a doctor? Who can better identify problems in behavior than a psychologist? Information is a commodity that the internet is selling like pies. A professional can write a dichotomy of a variety of subjects. There is always a need for someone to explain an aspect of the profession and in terms that the layman can understand. This is one channel a professional can learn additional income.


How do students become teachers, doctors or nurses? They were guided and taught by people who gained knowledge and skills from the same profession. A nurse can study and gain the needed certification to provide classroom teaching. The nurse does not need to stop being a nurse in a hospital or a clinic. The nurse can simply come in for the classroom lecture or supervise students in the clinical area.

Consultancy Services

The knowledge and skills that a professional acquires through years of experience in their field can be used to guide other professionals. For instance, a professional with a doctorate can provide consultancy services for a specified amount of fee to professionals that are completing their thesis or dissertations. They can also provide solutions for an individual or a company wanting to address conflicts in their organization.

Write a book

For someone who has a lot of time in their hands, writing a book can be an avenue for additional earnings. While this may take time for some, when the book gets published and the target audience starts subscribing or buying the book, the income will continue for years, until a new one is published.

An individual is limited only by their set of values. Additional income is always welcome, but it does not have to be a new job with better pay. A professional can always give advice and provide knowledge for a specified amount of fee without leaving the security of their current job.

Future and Scope Of Multi-Level Marketing As An Alternative Employment Source

The industry of multi-level marketing is becoming quite popular among budding entrepreneurs and people from different walks of life. The sole reason for this increasing popularity is that it offers every people to set their own home business with attractive financial opportunities. In addition to that, people do enjoy freedoms like fixing their own job hours along with developing their own marketing and product selling strategies without any kind of interference. Here they have the right to claim their legitimate financial shares not only from their personal sales but also that from their down-line members.

In the multi-level marketing sector there is always an increased demand of hard working employees and this demand never extinguishes even during tight situation like that of global recession. For college students this sector provides the appropriate platform to receive training on product selling and to hone marketing skills under the supervision of experienced distributors without spending any money from the pocket.

The Multi-level marketing industry will soon become the most suitable form of alternative employment opportunities even for the highly qualified professionals. It is because in the coming days this industry will be the sole guiding force to dominate the world economy. This strategic commercial model will also present the opportunity of earning part time incomes for retired people and those working in other service sectors. In order to join in this lucrative sector there is no need of acquiring special educational qualification except simple application of common sense while selling and marketing products before the target customers.

Firms following this business model have been able to maximize the sale and marketing of their products and services to the fullest extent. It has also helped them in earning highest possible revenues in every year. Using this strategic business model companies like Qivana, Sunrider, Fuxion and many more have been able to be in constant touch with the changing tastes and preferences of the customers when it comes to buy and choose new products and services. These firms are also helping distributors with the options of leading luxurious life with greater financial autonomy through their unique and effective compensation plans.

These compensation plans play a vital role in the sector of multi-level marketing in determining the hardworking initiative of the distributors to reward them adequately with robust bonuses and incentives along with the opportunity to spend vacation in exotic places. So without wasting any more time people must enroll in this sector early for leading a happy and joyous life with family and friends forever.

Residential Security Services – Keep Families and Communities Safest

Keeping one’s family safe is a common top priority, and concern. Traditional alarm systems that call the police with even a speedy response time are not the most effective residential security methodology. Employing a security company in your community with either mobile or foot patrols guarantee a quicker response. When seconds can equal danger, there is no greater value than time-sensitive security by licensed security guards.

Those who have been startled awake by their home alarm going off in the early hours fear the worst – that an intruder has invaded their home, or endangered their children. Police response time, even if reliable, is challenging to wait for when one’s family, property and valuables are in jeopardy. As more efficient alternative, mobile or foot-patrol-based security service patrols using security guards for hire are available nationwide. The cost of such services is amortized within a community, and the entire community enjoys heightened security benefits.

Serving HOA’s, apartment complexes, or gated communities, these residential security services reduce emergency response time, whether the guards are on foot or patrolling via vehicle. Reliable and affordable, and offering full insurance coverage to clients, residential security service companies help clients feel protected from current threats by everyday criminals, gangs – or worse. The best personal security firms’ personnel undergo deep training based on both case studies and hypothetical situations of an emergency nature.

They also guarantee responsive communications with their clients by assigning customers a dedicated security coordinator who manages client details at all times. At the same time, residential security services are cost effective, and personnel have management experience in law enforcement, military or other security. Incorporation of the strictest standards of accountability and management oversight, while utilizing the most advanced technologies and logistical processes in their operations, are two of the keys to a successful residential security operation.

A typical mobile detail might have two officers to a car who drive the full circumference of the covered property, and also conduct walking inspections at frequent intervals. Larger properties would demand more personnel with different details, and enhanced communication between foot and mobile patrols to maintain the safety of the entire property.

Research has shown that communities utilizing residential security services are safer, with reduced incidents of larceny, breaking-and-entering, and violent crime. The presence of foot or mobile patrols deters criminal activity, and readily available, trained individuals on site better protect one’s family and property.

Free Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup Service

Tracing mobile phone numbers is quite simple nowadays. Finding the owner and location of a certain phone number, be it landline or mobile, which is not listed in phone books or the white pages, demands a special reverse mobile phone number lookup service. This kind of service operates by purchasing some sort of access to the subscriber database of several phone providers who have a large database containing almost all the phone numbers listed in the country.

Reverse mobile phone number lookup services are tied with a number of agreements with various phone companies, and this prohibits them from giving this information for free, mostly for privacy purposes. But I will show you a free alternative later on in this article. The reason this restriction is in place is because this ensures that the database and the phone numbers in them will not be used for various illegal purposes such as stalking, impersonation, and the like. Besides, phone service providers and companies charge for the database access, which is why cell phone number reverse lookup services try to regain some of the costs they charge by requiring a subscription fee.

You can use this reverse phone lookup service by simply typing in the cell phone number you are searching for on the online form. Then, once the results are available, it will give you with the precise location of the caller, who the number is registered to, and where. You can also search for other information regarding the number. Remember that though this service is legal, it comes with a nominal annual fee in order to prevent the illegal use of these numbers as aforementioned earlier.

Locate That Caller For Free

But if you are not too keen on paying for the reverse mobile phone number lookup services, you can use other alternatives that can help you with your search. First, you can simply punch in the number in your browser’s search engine and there is a probability that the owner’s profile will pop up. You can also use phone books and the white pages. However, if the number of the person you need to search is unlisted, then you can try a volunteer directory or an online directory to help you with your search. The most practical way though is to try calling the person back and seeing if they will pick up, but if they don’t, and you have a feeling that the call is rather important, do not hesitate to try the mentioned services in order to assist you.

Types of Staffing Services Explained

Staffing companies help organizations with their manpower requirements. There are primarily three different types of staffing services offered by staffing firms:

Temporary Staffing Service

As the name suggests, temporary staffing meets the short-term needs of employing organizations. Temporary staffing helps companies fill in for positions made vacant by their absent employees or helps in supplementing the existing staff during times of high workload. Temporary staffing enables organizations to meet their working challenges with minimum human resource overheads and avoiding lengthy recruiting and assessment processes. The huge cost savings involved make temporary staffing an attractive alternative to permanent employment.

Long-term Staffing / Project Staffing Service

Long-term staffing services involve placing employees in long-term assignment, where there’s no definite period of time involved. This type of staffing requirement is common in the professional and technical sectors, where people are required on a project-to-project basis. It makes more sense for these organizations to hire on a project basis than on a permanent basis, so as to avoid idling of human resources.

Temp-to-Perm / Contract-to-Hire Staffing Service

This type of staffing service is a combination of temporary staffing and permanent employment. The temp-to-perm staffing service allows a company to take an employee on a temporary basis for purpose of evaluation and should the employee meet their satisfactory requirements, the company may then take the employee onto their payrolls. This type of staffing service gives the company a safe alternative to permanent hiring and allows the company to critically evaluate the capabilities and managerial skills of the employee in concern.

Most staffing companies offer all these types of staffing services. You will also find specialist agencies that offer industry -specific staffing services.