What Are The Alternatives To Offsite Back-Up For Small Business?

If you are thinking about an offsite backup for the safe storage and protection of your client and company information you have started thinking in the right direction. The need to have a second copy of your information stored safely or another location to store your information is highly important for any small business. You might not be at the stage where your company needs a huge amount of storage or backup copy that can be provided, such as that provided by an offsite backup service (ones that use tape for huge amounts of data) – well for now anyway. There may be a day in the future that you will, but what can you think about in the meantime. Let’s look at some options for when you have smaller amounts of data. When it increases you will have to change over to the big guns of tape data storage. If your business is online, you can expect exponential growth in the data needed to secure, you might as well get in the habit early.

  • Online data storage. There are a number of ways that you can begin to store your information or create back-ups using online data transfer. Remember you will need to use some software and start paying for space online for any credible storage. Simply thinking, using Google Documents to store information, is the most simplest form of doing this. A paid service is something like iDisk. You pay a monthly premium for disk space online. This is normally used for individuals to store their information instead of having a disk at home.
  • Managed Server. Managed servers are a way that you can store your company’s information in another location. These again will cost you a monthly fee, and often give you a number of features and mean that much of your information, not just your back-ups are stored in another location. Again, you are using the internet to transfer your data. This is more detailed service, offering you software, safe storage and the like.
  • Setting up your own disk somewhere. Some of those people who are a little bit more technically inclined are keen on setting up their own disk somewhere. Information transfer is still online, and you need to set up the drive so that it sits online somewhere. The common way is to set up a bunch of hard drives hidden in the wall of a building or their home that they own. This way there is some real physical protection other than normal security features. You will need to think about a range of other issues such as always being able to keep it online even when there is a power black-out.

It is important to understand what the offsite data storage companies offer. Serious protection in super high security protection and physical transit of information in secure vehicles – the ultimate security of information. The other options explained here do not offer anything near the protection, security, control and transfer of your information like that of professional services. Note all that are explained above are all only possible with online transfer of information, and for complete and comprehensive security, that is not an option. With highly crucial and sensitive information, especially when you have large amounts, they are the only choice.

Do You Even Need a Lawn? Exploring Lawn Alternatives

Have you ever wondered if there are viable alternatives to lawn grass? The fact is attractive landscaping greatly enhances the real estate value of your property. However, many lawns die every year because of low rainfall, leaving some to seek options offering low maintenance, namely, lawn alternatives. Homeowners are becoming tired of seeing their lawns go brown and wilt every summer, and tired of paying a gardener to try and prolong their lawn life. All this effort costs time, money and effort as does the need to continuously irrigate and aerate lawn grass.

Lawns can be beautiful, but the cost may be too high. Large lawns, and especially the many golf courses in our communities, require crazy amounts of herbicides and chemical fertilizers to keep their condition and pristine appearance. Fuel for power mowers, harmful emissions, potentially harmful fertilizers and pesticides, water consumption and your valuable time are all variables of the cost of lawn maintenance. Finding and hiring a lawn care service may save you some time and energy, but the environmental costs still remain. Consider reducing your lawn overall size. Doing so can benefit the environment while also saving you time, energy and expense. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to experiment with lawn alternatives or at the very least, try and cut down on the total lawn area of our yard.

There are many steps you can take to reduce lawn size and cut down on time and resources for its maintenance. For example, try converting part of your lawn to a display of ornamental grasses. If you have a small nuisance area on your property that you rather not have to mow lawn grass anymore, consider replacing it with a varied combination of ornamental grasses and mulch. Adding some raised beds to your yard will not only look good by highlighting your plantings, they will provide an edge barrier from the lawn, and deter ground pests. Plant your shrubs closely to minimize weeds, and wider beds allow you to reduce lawn size. Much maintenance can be reduced by placing your beds so that the lawn areas are in continuous, easy-to-mow swaths. A border such as flagstone or brick can be used to define the edge. If you set this border below the level of the lawn, mowing will be easy with no other trimming is required. Any trees in your lawn can be given a wide skirt surrounding the base, using a combination of mulch, some ground cover or native plants.

Contrary to the neighbors, you may not need a lawn at all. For instance, if you enjoy the open feel of a lawn but not the maintenance or water requirements. Also, areas where it is difficult to establish a traditional lawn can perform well with some alternatives. For instance, if your yard suffers due to too much shade, moss may offer a solution. Once they get over the label lawn weed many people find moss attractive. Shade gardens with moss are increasing in popularity as a lawn alternative.

Modes of Official Hotmail Support Services With Alternatives

Nowadays the modes of communication are more than one, and emails are widely preferred from among all of them. This service is used to connect with people who are away from each other. Email service is provided by many companies that offer it with different features to make it more than just an email service. Hotmail is also a famous service provider that is run by Microsoft. It was originally founded by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia in Mountain View, California in 1996, and overtaken by Microsoft in the next year. The company launched it as MSN Hotmail and later re-launched it as Windows Live Hotmail, which was a part of Windows Live suite.

Its last edition was updated on 2011 and at the same years it had completed it 360 million users per month. Microsoft replaced Hotmail with Outlook.com in 2013 and included many more features with it such as unlimited storage, integration with Calendar, and Ajax, OneDrive, People as well as Skype. Now the storage capacity of email has also been increased, and people use it as a document storage app so that they can use their important document anywhere with just an access of internet. This is a big reason why security as well as assistance support of this service is becoming more and more important for every user. The company is also very popular for its Hotmail Support assistive service to those users who face issues with their accounts. This service comes in the form of text only, so if a user wishes to avail it, he just needs to go to the support page and type his issue over there, and a list of most relevant resolutions will appear in front of him. He can read them accordingly and try to fix issue by himself.

Sometimes this assistance would not be enough to resolve user’s query and this may lead him to go for other alternative options. There are several companies available in the market, which have been offering over the phone Hotmail Help from years. They have teams of technicians who are well-trained in the on-call service and can always provide a prompt resolution. If you are looking for such type of assistive service go to the internet and search for tech support help for Hotmail, and a list of several service providers will be there on your screen. Check their websites where they have mentioned their contact details as well, which you can use to get in touch with them. Choose the right one for you according to your need, and for help in choosing it you can also compare the packages offered by them.

Apart from this you can also check for online Hotmail Customer Service sources that come in the form of blogs as well as forums. You just need to read them and try to fix your issues according to your requirement. You can also discuss your problem with your family or friends who may be using that same service provider. Maybe they have faced similar issues in the past and can guide you step-by-step with your issue.

Popcorn Butter Dispenser – Tips for Alternatives to the Theater Model

If you love popcorn, then most likely you’ll want to find the perfect popcorn butter dispenser.

Commercial butter dispensers are expensive and can take up a lot of space. Is there an alternative to the butter dispensers you find at the theater?

Your Popcorn Butter Dispenser – Theater Model or Make Do at Home?

When you buy popcorn at the movie theater, the salesperson will most likely ask you if you want butter on it.

The theater may provide real melted butter, or they may have some sort of melted butter-flavored liquid stuff (often called “buttery topping”) that they will squirt on the popcorn from a box with a large dispenser pump on top.

Either way, the popcorn is delicious!

Is this the type of popcorn you want to enjoy at home? Many people do.

So you have a choice. You can opt for the real thing, a commercial popcorn butter dispenser that keeps the butter melted and ready to pour on your popped treat, or you can make do with an alternative dispenser.

Theater Popcorn Butter Dispensers Can Be Very Expensive

The butter dispensers you find at the theater are commercial models, and while they do a good job at keeping the butter melted at just the right temperature, they are very expensive.

On the other hand, melting butter on your stove is a bit of a haphazard thing. If you keep the butter on the stove with the burner lit under it, the butter stays melted but it may also burn. It’s not fun to pour burned butter on your popcorn treat. Yuck.

Commercial popcorn butter dispensers do a great job at keeping the butter melted at just the right temperature.

These models have a stainless steel tub inside the dispenser that is surrounded by hot water. The dispenser has a warmer in it that keeps the water at just the right temperature to maintain the butter at melting point. When the day is over, the stainless steel tub of butter is removed and placed in the fridge and the dispenser is unplugged. No waste, no hassle.

However, prices for these theater popcorn butter dispensers typically start at about $150 and go up to as much as $400. There are even some models that run more than $1000.

For most people, spending that kind of money on a peripheral item is ridiculous!

Try These Alternative Popcorn Butter Dispensers at Home

Finding an alternative to the theater popcorn butter dispensers is actually a common thread on forums.

Many people balk at the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on something they may use sporadically.

Instead, others have suggested using a ceramic fondue pot as an alternative popcorn butter dispenser.

The fondue pot generally uses a small lit votive candle or Sterno can to melt the contents of the pot. It can work well to keep the butter melted at just the right temperature without burning.

Picture using this type of pot and candle to keep butter melted for lobster. It works!

One drawback to the fondue pot idea is that it can be difficult to pour the butter onto the popcorn without making a small mess.

A second suggestion is to shop eBay periodically. Sometimes you can find a commercial popcorn butter dispenser for sale when someone sells their concession or theater equipment. Be aware, though, that most likely you’ll be spending close to $100 for the dispenser, even though it may be used.

Several people commented that they will put some butter in a squeeze bottle and place it in the microwave for a few moments. There is a concern, however, that the bottle itself may melt, which could make a mess and/or cause burns. If you try this, be very careful.

Try the Presto Hot Topper

One idea that many people have found helpful is to look for the Presto Hot Topper. This is a dispenser that is specially designed to melt butter so you can spray it on popcorn, corn-on-the-cob, pancakes or waffles, baste a turkey, and so on.

Reviews for using this as a popcorn butter dispenser have been quite positive, with many people stating they really like it. One woman wrote that her kids call the Hot Topper the “Butter Gun.” It is easy to use and easy to clean.

One drawback is that the Hot Topper doesn’t seem to be made any more by Presto. The good news is that it can be found fairly regularly on eBay, at a price of somewhere between $5 and $20.

You may opt to buy a commercial popcorn butter dispenser, but if not, the Presto Hot Topper may be your best solution for enjoying melted butter on your popcorn.