Window Moisture Problems? Restoration Is Now A Money Saving Alternative

Window woes can be fixed

How many times have you had to replace windows due to moisture or “sweating” between the panes? Since the 1970’s, dual-pane windows have become the standard for new construction and replacement windows. Homeowners are often surprised to find their window seals failing after just 10 years or less.

Once a window’s seal has failed, it can not only develop unsightly condensation, but it can lose its thermal value, which defeats the purpose of the dual pane glass. Left untreated, you won’t only pay more to heat and cool your home, but they you may have to pay more to fix the problem too. For decades the only solution to this common household issue has been to replace the glass or window, which can be expensive, intrusive and time consuming.

A New Solution

Now there is a fast, effective, on-site process that permanently removes the moisture without replacing the glass and at a fraction of the cost. Sounds too good to be true? The unique process relies on the installation of a small, inconspicuously placed air vent that allows the window to dry through evaporation. The process has been proven and tested for more than a decade and has been utilized to successfully restore hundreds of thousands of windows in the US and Canada.

How the Process Works

A Restoration Technician begins by drilling a small hole in an upper and lower corner of the failed window. Using specialized equipment and solutions, the interior space is cleaned and rinsed. After evacuating the solutions, patent-pending Microvents are installed over the drill holes. Each day, as the air temperature increases, rising air pressure forces the remaining moisture out the Micro-vents leaving the window dry and clear. This permanently restores the visibility and thermal qualities of the window as wet saturated air is replaced with a dry buffer of air between the panes. The cleaning and installation process usually takes only 15-20 minutes for an average window and most windows completely dry out within a 2-3 weeks following the service. The repair is guaranteed to be effective for 10 years.

In today’s competitive home market, a clean home inspection report is more important than ever. It is recommended that homeowners visually inspect their windows at least twice a year to identify problematic windows at the earliest signs of failure. Any hint of vapor or condensation between the panes indicates seal failure and the earlier failed windows are treated, the higher the likelihood they can be fully restored to their original clarity.

Restoration vs. Replacement

Moisture Removal service costs 50% less on average than the cost of installing replacement glass and can save even more compared to full window replacement. While replacement can take a week or more to order and install the glass, restoration is quick and non-intrusive. While the restoration service can be applied to most dual-pane windows, those with tempered glass or with severe staining usually do require replacement.

Save Money on Vet Bills – Tip #1 – A Less Expensive Alternative to Metacam, Rimadyl Or Deramaxx

Is your dog on an anti-inflammatory medication such as Metacam, Rimadyl or Deramaxx? These medications can certainly be expensive, but they do tend to work well. I have seen many arthritic dogs get a new lease on life by going on one of these medicines.

I have recently started prescribing a medication called Previcox. This is a Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory that seems to be just as effective as the drugs mentioned above. If your dog is currently on another NSAID, it is safe to switch to Previcox. Depending on your dog’s situation your vet may advise a few days without medication just to be safe while we do the switch.

In my experience, Previcox is about 2/3 the price of the others and it seems to be just as effective with the same degree of safety. It comes in a tablet that is easily divided if necessary to get the correct dosage.

And here’s another tip: If your dog is on Metacam, you can ask your vet if they can order in generic Meloxicam. This is a pill version of Metacam that is used in people. It is less expensive. However, because it is a pill and not liquid it is sometimes hard to get the correct dose for every size of dog.

For more great tips on how to save money on vet care, check out these money saving tips. You can find really practical tips that are guaranteed to save you money on vet bills. These are a collection of 11 years experience as a veterinarian. I hope you enjoy them!